Yellow Stained Mattress

I was a chronic bedwetter as a child and teen.  Near the end of high school I finally thought I had out grown this annoying problem since my bedwetting accidents had "dried up" to only about one or two per month.  As I entered college, my bedwetting actually stopped for a couple of years and then only returned a couple of times when I was really drunk.  In the past few years it has returned periodically and recently with some regularity.  Of course at my age (31) you think these problems are a thing of the past, so my bed was unprotected.  It was only recently that I added a rubber sheet to my bed.  Accordingly, my mattress has plenty of "tracks" from my previous incidents.

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Lol uggh

I still wet

diapers are really inconvenient (and a bit humiliating for someone my age) unless you pee every night. I sometimes go a number of weeks without an incident.

That is why God invented rubber sheets ! And Supaglu-Unfortunately there are no wonder drugs in certain circumstances. Google-Primary Nocturnal Enuresis. Has to do with a hormone called ADH.

Have you ever thought or maybe you have done this already..................go see a doctor about the problem. I know it will be hard but there has to be something out there to help you.