Every once in a while I'll decide to wet my bed without bothering to protect it. As a result there are some very noticeable stains on both sides of the bed. It might make things awkward when its time to move out...
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I've always protected the mattress, but I do have a blanket that I put under the sheet (to protect me from the mattress protector), and that has a few interesting stains on it. But I can just roll up the blanket. It's much harder to hide a stained mattress. If asked, you could say that you spilled your can of coke....over and over again.

I'm pretty sure coke doesn't leave yellow stains, especially since I don't eat or drink on my bed, nor do I allow anyone else to. I guess I could just blame it on a bad stomach virus or something.

Hmm. How about....you were dog-sitting one weekend, and the dog did it!

Very much not a dog person and I have made this known before. Plus my parents are home all weekend every weekend.

Well, you had better spill a few glasses of iced tea on the bed, then.

I don't drink iced tea though...

Well, a cup of hot tea, then. Either will make a lovely "can't tell it from pee" stain.

I don't drink hot tea either...

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I went through a bedwetting phase again when living in my first rented accommodation. The bed was quite badly stained when I left. Nothing was ever said. That said the matteras had some dubious stains when I moved in.