Conner Pansted

One day at school we were having a feild trip and like always me and my bud sat together. Three 11th graders were sitting behind us talking about there girlfreinds. Then Conner startied to brag about his new girlfreind loud enough the highschoolers behind us heard."Who was talking to you  smallfry," one of the guys said getting up from his seat. "I don't know but nobody was talking to you ethier Tom," Conner said  not even looking at him. "What was that," Tom said spinning Conner around."OH you didn't hear me..," but before he could finish Tom lifted Conner in the air by his boxers and set him down in the aisle and pulled down his pants and boxers exposing his **** and ***, and what made it worse the girl he liked was sitting acroos from him
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unlucky stuff like that has happened to me