Face Of Dead

Yesterday was a rainy day, and I have to drive for almost three hours alone in a difficult road full of curves some of them dangerous...I didn´t want to go out yesterday, but I must do it for my job. After an hour of driving, I entered to a really dangerous curve with pronounce slope and wet asphalt. Suddenly a big truck appeared, I knew it will use a lot of space from the road, so I slow down; but in a few seconds it was crashing against my car with the last two wheels almost destroyed the left front side; but thanks God nothing happened to me. 

The interesting thing is that a few microsecond before the crash when I realized that we were going to crash; the time stopped, I was concient that I could die after those few microseconds, and I couldn´t do anything because in the right side of the road there was a precipice. I got few time to choose between try to scape the crash but taking the risk to fall in the precipice or wait and hope to survive. 

Have you ever imagine what would you do or think if you know that you´re close to die?...have you ever imagine how would be your last seconds of life?. Nothing came to my mind, or I can´t remember if I thought about something. I still don´t remember what did I do during the seconds that the crash last. But I remember those seconds with my mind without thoughts, without fear, without any feelings, without a word or a scream....and now I wonder if that would be the same feeling when you died??? was that the face of dead?

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Mar 8, 2010