My First Wife Swap

I have always enjoyed telling the story of the first time my wife and I swapped. We had just moved to New York City and I had found a magazine which carried ads from "swingers". I had some very attractive polaroid photos of my wife in the nude.  She really looked good. I had exchanged letters and photos with an older couple without my wife's knowledge. One Friday evening I told her we were going to go into Manhattan to have dinner with a couple I had met. I didn't tell her I planned to swap.  We had been married for 8 years and neither of us had had sex with anyone outside of our marriage. When we got to the mid town hotel I told my wife what I planned.  That made her angry and she refused to go up to the other couples hotel room.  We walked around and around the hotel and she finally agreed to go up but said she wouldn't swap. The other couple was about 15 years older than we were. He was a Jewish fur dealer with an attractive blond wife.  We went out to a night club, listened to music and danced.  My wife had a few drinks and slow danced with the other guy.  By the time we got back to their hotel suite I was pretty hot for the other wife so I took her into the bedroom, undressed her and had nice and passionate sex with her.  I assumed my wife was in the other room with the other guy.  After an hour or so the other wife and I went out into the living room where my wife was sitting with the other guy.  They were both fully dressed but he had his arm around her. I assumed he had gotten her good.  She looked really sexy. However, on the way back to Brooklyn she said he couldn't get it up because he had too much to drink.  She was furious. The next day the man called and invited us to their home in Connecticut the next weekend.  When we got there we had dinner and sat around listening to "Jesus Christ Superstar"  Than the other guy suggested we go into the bedroom.  His wife wanted to watch him with my wife.  He slowly removed my wives' dress,bra and panties and kissed her breasts, ears, neck and mouth.  Than he undressed.  He had a huge erection.

He spread my wife out on the bed and rapidly penetrated her over and over again until she had his *** all over her stomach.  I proceeded to have sex with his wife.  On the way back to Brooklyn I asked my wife how it was.  He was only the second man she had ever been with. She was nice, however, and said I was better.  When we got home she douched and we had sex while we talked about the evening.  It was a good first experience

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Do you think she really liked having sex with the guy, or just felt obliged and wanted to do it for you?

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