I Have Bc

my story is quite nice to tell you the truth when i was 23 i was digonised with breast cancer. i found a 3 lump in the shower i got no worries because i did not think i had breast cancer i had no family history i did not have babies i was not married i did not smoke so i left it for around abouts 9 months then it got bigger so i went to my gp to ask a cream to remove it but he said that i should go to the hospital to check it out so i said ok i had no choice they made me have a mammogram so when i had it they made me wait 2 weeks to now whats wrongyes the doctor told me a had breast cancer in the left breast  i did not care much about it i had mastecomythem doing the mastecomythe doctor called my in after 1 month of the oparation or less or more idk he said that it did not spread in your lymph nodes so i had 4 to 6 weeks radiothreapy and it worked and i was called to talk to the doctor on the end of radiothrapy and he said that i am 100 percent cancer free and because im taking 5 years tamoxifen and am dcis stage 0 the cancer wont ever COME BACK  good eh anyway while that i had reconstruction and nipple reconstruction they did not put a implants in but still look and today i am 90 years old my cousin got it and she is a 20 year survivorReconstruction of both breasts using implants (with nipple reconstruction). (Photo supplied by Mr Mike Dixon).

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Mar 14, 2009