I Love To Kiss.... Really Kiss! But My Husband Does Not!

One of my greatest turn ons is to kiss. That passionate starts out slow and you can hardly get enough by the end kiss.
I had a relationship for awhile with a great friend of mine that was purely kissing. It did turn in to more but i swear we could have just kissed forevor. He was an amazing kisser and my husband knew what we did and didn't care. We didnt' tell him for along time but once he knew he told me as long as i was getting what i needed he was happy.

I recently kissed an ex of mine and would have loved more.

I actually dream of kissing one of my friends and can tell he would be an amazing kisser.

I get crazy horny when i kiss and my hands just can't help themselves. It is for this reason that sometimes I will get one of these kisses from my husband when I know he really really wants something to happen that night he will draw me in for a long kiss. Howevor he is not a very good kisser and i want to laugh everytime.

Such a dilema. To kiss... or not to be kissed.... that is not actually the question, the real question is who will kiss me, who will i kiss next?
lookingforamystery lookingforamystery
31-35, F
Jul 22, 2010