Is Normal Kissing NOt Normal Anymore?!!?

 The last few boys I kissed with... well I did like them... a lot but that is not the problem. It was not the traditional kiss kiss if you know what I mean. The first one wanted my lips to be very wet... too wet I'd say! And not only my lips, but around them and I just do not think that I liked it....I felt guilty about that but never said anything. The second one though had a completely different style of kissing. He likes it when we use our tongues... but our lips are not to summarize no lips a lot of tongues outside the I will have to live with this in the future. When we are watching a movie, for example, and people are kissing he says: "Look, you want to kiss me the same way". And this sounds to me like this is the wrong way to kiss someone. I am confused. Are there so many different types of kissing that normal kissing became abnormal?!?!

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I'd kiss you properly

Yes, it is normal for people to be abnormal. We are too curious, too complicated, too full of conflicting emotions to do anything consistently across even a small group of people. Enjoy the differences, but realize that you will have and it is ok to have things that you like that others may not have. It is ok to ask for what you want. How do you want to be kissed?