Love to Kiss

My husband usually gives me pecks on the forehead or the cheek, that is all I ever get.

I haven't been kissed I mean really kissed in almost ten years. That is way, way to long. To feel a mans lips pressed to mine. To taste him, and feel the passion in that kiss. I miss it all. A good kiss is a very good way to get all the juices flowing to all the right places. A good long and slow kiss building the passion. mmmmmmmmmmm............sure do miss it.

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5 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Kisses -once rare - lose their appeal when they become common currency - like in a long term relationship. Sad, but almost inevitable. I think you just become too familiar with the texture and tenderness of your partner. What once was fresh and exhilarating just can't maintain the specialness.<br />
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If you crave great kissing, perhaps pixelita is right.

Perhaps you need to steal a proper kiss from someone else :-)

I'm giving away kisses, if any female is interested.

yes, i know what you mean. i miss the way my lover kissed me i think even more than the (phenomenal) sex. it was just so . . . personal, something almost sacred yet still salacious.

I absolutely LOVE kissing, and I have all my life. So much so I'm almost afraid to admit it.<br />
You have the perfect description to an awesome 10 minute kiss. A kiss that melts you completely inside and out.