Sorry To Disappoint.

i haven't been reprimanded, scolded, dressed down, etc by ep as i suspect that some people were hoping or thinking. evidently i have done anything that would warrant such an action by them; i'm sure i would have heard from them if i was in violation for some reason. i hope no one is too disappointed LOL
jerrica jerrica
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7 Responses Aug 6, 2010

ah. well that should get you here even faster, eh?

I know what a Bad Girl you are.

you know what? how to find me? i sure hope so :) now come and get me! *wink*

I know ;-)

but everyone knows what a bad girl i am lol. nah, i haven't slipped up anywhere. if i have, ep knows how to find me.

i don't see where you've done anything wrong so i'm not surprised that you haven't been scolded by ep.

i thought we all had that right but some people don't seem to agree. too bad for them. kitten, you scolded? it had to be a misunderstanding on ep's part.