I havent cried in three days! I am not sure what is different. My menapause is usually so intense and I thought that was the reason for all the tears but I dont know. It may be the glorius sunshine that is upon me. im not knocking it tho because I would much rather be filled with laughter any time. The change is good for me and my spirits!

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thanks to all of you and thanks Richard for your health facts for women!

Your estrogen level is dropping - like riding an elevator down to fast. Natural plant estrogens put you back on familiar turf safeley - whole wheat - soy products - sprouts - peas - lentils - pistachios - black beans - sage - hops - yeast - soy isoflavone pills - clover extract - various herbs ect. - These things ad safe low stregnth estrogens identical to your own. - they fight cancer and if used with plant progesteron cream - restore bone lost due to menopause - do not use HRTsynthetic estrogens or progesterone that has been synthized into projestin as perscribed by many doctors to achieve rapid relief of menopause symptoms - it is proven to cause cancer - Natural estrogens maintain skin, heart and brain functiou.

You're so sweet, Flourlady! I wish I could give you a big bear hug right now :)

yeah you are shining I love you light,,,thanks for allowing your self to fill content,,,love and light to you dear lady,,,many blessings,,,mary