Some Days ...

There are days when we can't speak or message much for various reasons ... busy schedules get in the way ... 

But don't ever think I forget about you ... thoughts of you often drift into my mind.  

I wonder where you are, if you are OK, what you are doing.  If you're having fun, maybe enjoying the sunshine or keeping out of the rain or snow.  And of course wondering if you're thinking about me now and again.  

womaninbliss womaninbliss
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6 Responses Mar 1, 2010

it is better than nothing at all darlinsam ... in fact I think thoughts can be very powerful.

womaninbliss- thank you so much for reminding us all that people do miss us and think about us. you in a round about way have made my day! thank you sooo much! we all need to remember to tell those we love and miss just how we really feel, even if it's not quite enough it is so much better than nothing at all! distance can be overcome if we just try!

I agree sprint ... it is a pain

You have said it perfectly WIB. I feel the same way about those friends I love and who love me. I believe you are right, people who love each other are always connected in some way. Thank You for sharing this lovely post.

But our thoughts connect us like invisible threads. People who love each other are always linked in some way even if it's not obvious.

we will always wonder about those we have shared our spirits with ...<br />
I understand .. I have wondered too...