Last Time I Had Sex.

The last time I had sex was in May '05.I met this woman on a different internet site.And I rented a motel room and we had the most wonderful sex I ever had,I started out giving her oral sex for 90 minutes then she rode me for 30 minutes more.
                           That was before I moved to Florida.And since then the well has run dry (so to speak).
harrybgood1 harrybgood1
61-65, M
6 Responses Sep 20, 2012

I love men who've been celibate or in chastity for that long. They grow so wonderfully responsive and eager to give. It's very exciting to be with a man like that......MMMMmmmmmm..... Wish i was there... Could have me anytime...

That's what they all public...(lol)

Anyway, i mostly fancied poor Harry........ Do have friends in Dorset though so if you ever change your mind about ladies with that little twist i could hook you up with someone.....(lol)

7 years? I have a hard time waiting the times in-between right now and it isn't even 7 weeks. How do you manage?

It's hard,kinda.************ helps but I really need to get laid.Wanna help me,Kinda?

No, I am in a committed relationship with a great guy. Good luck though.


good on you Harry!!

I need to get laid.

Wow, been a while, how can you be helped?

I need to get laid.