2 Years Still Counting

Upon the request of a friend, I am writing this.

I lost my virginity when I was 22, the last year of my college. It was reletively late comparing to the average. Because it was my last year in that city, country, then I came to US, therefore we ended our relationship without saying a word, quite. We knew our destinations before we started. 

She wanted to feel loving someone; I wanted to **** to have a f**king awesome ending of my college life. But she turned out to enjoy more than I did. We were from two universities, so we don't meet very often.  Before we tried many positions or locations, I graduated. So technically I am not a virgin, yet a virgin on technic. We only used 1 1/2 box of condoms, each time using perhaps 2, so we only had sex about 9 times, plus the first one, 10, that's all.

once tasted, I don't want to stop, especially stop for two years and still counting. Two years in the one of the most sexual active nation, USA, that's too sad. (I should go to Greece or Japan.)



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5 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Greece? Don't belive everything you see on the net. Greek girls are fussy ;P

Yes that's true. I'm Greek, I'm 35 and I never had a Greek girlfriend! I personally liked British women who just ... follow their instincts! Greek women won't sleep with you unless you're Brad Pitt or your tax return shows a 7 figure digit.

i glad i didn't wait till i was older. i lost my virginity at 15. jesus i consider that a waste of plenty of youthful years. what is it with girls and being so prude, don't they realize you only live once.

wow...Greece didn't know that..I thought i would be France they are so sexual.<br />
<br />
*turn heads* girls looking at you and thinking hot hot hot

what do you mean by "turning a lot of heads"? Sorry, my english is not that good. <br />
<br />
I saw on the internet, it said that Greece is the no. 1 sexually active country.

Thank you for sharing. I think Japanese your age are really sexually active. I don't know about Greece. Hum.. <br />
As for being a virgin till 22 I think that's great. I wish I waited. I love Chinese culture. I think women there are super sophisticated. Now that you're in the U.S I'm sure you're turning a lot of heads.