The Last Time

was sometime last March I believe. And that was only a minute because I was not on birth control. And if you don't count that(and it isn't too countable), it will be two years. Because my ex stopped wanting to have sex with me for a year. It was very hurtful. Well, he's in prison now until late 2011 for talking to teen girls on the internet. My theory is he stopped being attracted to me. It really hurt. And the police taking him away really hurt and scared me. I didn't know this about him of course. Ever since that happened in May of last year, I have done nothing with my life and been pretty much a zombie. I did not have a job at the time they took him away and we had plans to live together even though we were broken up but still friendly. So, I was essentially homeless, and had to call up the guy I had the sexual encounter with. We had dated a few times, and had no other recourse. So I live with him now, and have blocked out of my mind the things I did with him because I regret it. It's awkward living with someone you dated and they liked you, and you didn't liek them and stopped talking to them. Then all of a sudden you have to call them and ask for a place to stay.

I want to have emotional and physical intimacy again. So bad it hurts.

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Feb 8, 2010