It Sucks To Suck

Yeah, so I'm 45 years old.  I've had sex with 4 women in my life.  Two of them spent time in a psych ward.  One was a drunk.  The last was just damn insecure.  I did the last one in's now 2010.  Not having sex is pretty lame, but to be honest, I'm kind of glad I'm no good with women.   If I could keep one for more than a week, I'd end up getting married and it would suck, just like it does for every guy I know who tied the knot.  If you are one of those lucky dudes who can pick up a chick, bang her, and walk away, then you have it made.   It always took me years to get a chick to screw me, then if they weren't repulsed, I'd get clingy.  I'd be too much of a wuss to just say "see ya".   But, as luck would have it, chicks are generally repulsed by me and therefore, I don't have to deal with such quandries.  My **** barely works anymore, so it's time to take up Bingo.  Cheers!
garyganu garyganu
41-45, M
May 22, 2010