I Haven't Had Sex In 8 Years

I'm 58 and and I haven't had sex in 8 yrs by choice. Now a wonderful man from my past is back and I'm scared to have sex with him only because it has been so long for me. What if I don't remember what to do or don't like it or just something goes wrong. FEAR
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3 Responses Sep 24, 2010

My first marriage I was married 21.5 years and out of that I hadn't had sex for 13 years - when I met my second husband I was so ready and believe me you remember. However, we've been married 12 years and haven't had sex in ten - same situation -

Believe it or not, humans have been having sex for years, even before the internet and self help books. If you like this guy, let go of your fears and you will be amazed how naturally it will all come back to you. Sort of like riding a bicycle, but lots more fun.

Go for it,sometimes a loss of memory about a subject turns into a fear - Once you get into it, it'll be like you never had such a long gap and it will all come back to you.