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It was probably the biggest cause of insecurity and feeling less than normal not hitting puberty until I was 17 years old. I was very self concious in the locker room at school while taking a shower everyone else seemed to be progressing just fine. Those three years of high school were some of the worst. I finally did hit puberty like I said at 17 and have issues now with the size of my flaccid penis.
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Hey Kane, I see that you wrote your story in 2007, are you still on EP? I am 17, and have still not started to develop. It's not funny at all. I wish it were. I get the stares in the shower, the questioning looks. The "big boys" who are 2 or 3 years younger than me think it's hilarious to throw me out of the locker room, naked, where there are girls walking around. I am afraid it's not going to happen for me. Plus, wow, I feel my stomach tightening up, ... Anyway I got raped, and it was because the guy who was molesting me couldn't make the "pus" come out. (I know better now, but my folks never would sign the permission slip for me to get sex ed, so, when he played with himself until the stuff came out I thought it was pus, and he let me go on thinking that). Idk, maybe I AM a little boy, but I don't want to be. I just want to grow.

Sorry to hear that, and sorry I didn't respond sooner. I am just learning how to navigate through EP. Finding it very fun and enlightening. My penis at it's erect state is perfect, unfortunately my flaccid (soft) pen*s is what bothered me for many years. It was a macho thing more than anything else. Being in a locker room at the gym, shower at the pool, etc, men are always comparing, even if their penis is 6" when soft, they still compare. Like I said I'm okay with my erect member, but who walks around those places with a *****?<br />
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Hi everybody, i am new to the experience project and am still learning. I also had similar experiences to the ones listed above, as i was about 5'1 maybe throughout 7th through 10th grade and what made it even more obvious was the fact that i loved playing Basketball. I was always the shortest on the team and was heckled and pointed out for it through those years. I think its cool how petticoated mentioned that he developed other habits such as hunting to cope with his situation. I did the same, but i expressed myself through drawing and playing basketball. Luckily i am 5'8 now as i just hit puberty much later than all my peers. I am thinking of starting a new post on this.

I definetly agree with petticoated's point that that sliver of time (early to late teenage years) can affect your outlook on life. I remeber how i felt when people would bully me for my size and am constantly reminded to never do the same to others