I Guess I Just Dont Got What People Want.

I keep trying to find something appealing about myself that girls would want, but I just cannot for the life of me do it. I find that im akward to talk to, not in shape, have a small **** and if the girl gives me the slightest opening to her body (kissing, hand holding, ect) I charge in headfirst and take as much out of it as possible. I have no self restraint. But then again, i dont want to lose my virginity to just any girl. She has to be someone who has changed my life and I have to love her a lot. Obviously XD
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3 Responses Jul 10, 2010

No worries, ever since I wrote this story ive had sex many times XD

haha dude jus be sweet and make em feel comfortable and the thing bout charging right in....u gotta change that, girls like to take it slow they wanna know who u r, then wat ur all about, then how much fun u can hav, then u gotta take the steps and be courageous to ask for her number, and a few simple questions that will get u to know who she be, then more courage make the first move, either a hand hold, or a friendly look im jus playing around arm around the shoulder, and remember the most important rule is three out of four girls will reject u so dont take em personally believe that

Never heard a guy admit he has a small **** before... coo-dos to you. Besides there's nothing wrong with being a virgin.