Not Sure If I Want To...

I'm still a virgin well alot of people I know are no longer. I also don't ********** and have not found a reason to do so.

Am I wrong for this? I don't think so.
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Hi DD, I think what you said about not having ********** around and that you see no reason to do so is so very correct. You see it shows you up to be an individual rather than one in a herd. Apart from being something that is your own personal business, it also shows you up to be a person who respects herself. To be your own person is in my opinion, the most important thing in this world and a quality which is becoming more and more difficult to find in this world of ours. I also think that to have sex just to lose your virginity or for the heck of it is something sordid and distasteful. I am not a prude and quite frankly if you had said that you lost your virginity to someone you really loved and cared about I would never fault you. However meaningless sex something we can do without. I think that people who just give in to their carnal desires for a moment's pleasure or who have sex because their peer group is doing it are immature and are likely to feel bad about it later. I believe we are, each of us, individuals who are endowed with free will (which is something animals do not have) and we must exercise this God given gift judiciously and resposibly. Also we are all endowed with will power although may vary from person to person. However if you want to build character you need to develop your will power as a tool to guide you through life so that at the end of the journey you come out a winner and not a loser.<br />
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I got married at the age of 30 yrs and my wife was over 28 yrs then. Both of us were virgins at the time and quite frankly that fact has helped us to concentrate on each other as I guess we are a one woman man/ one man woman couple. I am sure there are others who may not agree with me and they are welcome to their views. After all it takes all types to make this world. However my point was that you are spot on with your views and decision so kudos to you. Cheers!

Very True said, Forget about the world if they say u are a looser, IGNORE THEM. coz in the end of the day u are the one who it matters, Not to anyone els or ur friends, Keep it for the right person, and this will make a huge difference in ur personal life with him.<br />
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