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It gets kind of hard to try and be a virgin now a days. There was this one te that this girl, (who I had only known for about two days) wanted to have sex with me. I didn't even like her that way so I just told her straight up that I'm going for the goal by being abstinent. She gets pissed off at me and told me how she broke up with her boyfriend to be with me and I'm like "WTF" we weren't even going out... at least that's what I thought. But anyway I commend all of you with your virginity especially people my age. It's not easy to not have sex when everyone else around you is telling you how great it is and that your over-exatergating the whole experience. I personally think that they are underminding it because once your virginity is gone you don't get it back.
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It's something everyone has to decide for themselves how they want to handle it, ya know? I agree with you. My friends will be just sitting in class or in the hallway and just bust out about the amazing sex they had last night; or now so-and-so can't let go of someone-else 'cause they're still doing it, but at school he's a jerk. Ugh.

i completely agree!

I agree with Chevy girl. Im 17 too and still waiting... but i'm a guy... i find that most guys or at least quite a few our age are still virgins. More than you probably think. Also, i find out that quite alot of guys lie about this kinda thing too. So i wouldn't worry ^_^

Great for all of you. Stay strong and good luck!