Still a Virgin At 44...

I may win the prize for the oldest person in this group that hasn't lost the V card yet. I grew up painfully shy and in a strict, slightly dysfunctional household. Developed health problems though my 20s and 30s that prevented me from being as social as others. Sex? Haven't had it with a partner yet... horny like you would not believe... and now the grey hair is coming in. So yes I'm 44 and still a virgin. peace
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This sounds like I could of written this .i keep falling for gay guys or guys engaged, everything you said applies to me glad I'm not alone

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I am also 44 year age, still virgin. I have no desire to human sexuality. I am very a happy so far with my life.

I still have time then I am 36 going grey and no have not yet done it. When the chance was there I was not ready so said NO. Also why I am still single.

hi Deathbringer - thanks for the comment... so many opinions as to how to lost the V card and there's no right answer since each of us has a different set of values to live by. Being with a prostitute for my "first girl" is not something I want to bring with me to the grave so I would agree that looking for someone special to share the moment is best... peace

why join the rest of the sheep,that have lost it,wait for love ,not a one night stand.

How do you expect to magically have a normal sex life, after repressing yourself for 44 years? What on Earth are you waiting for?

Who says he has repressed himself,some people don't attract the opposite sex,I also am a 44 year old virgin,women have always called me ugly and very few even like me as a friend,only men fancy me and I'm not gay,so please don't assume being a virgin is a lifestyle choice,because most of the time it isn't.

at 58 i am the world's oldest male virgin ,and no do not go and see a hooker,you must only lose it for someone you care about ,so no one night stands get to know them as friends then move on to dating you must get to know them i did think till marriage ,but this is now the modern age ,so i live in the past but that is just me.if you are going to but a time limit then get to know them for three months.

now 62 and still proud.

All I can say is you have to put some effort into it. You need to meet people, date online, join a group activity ( isn't a bad place to go), or maybe just go for broke and get it over with. Sex can be special or it can just be something fun to do between two people. Just because someone's first time isn't special doesn't mean that person is tainted or anything.

It isn't that easy,some men just haven't got.

I wish older virgin wouldn't go to a hooker to lose theri virginity.<br />
Female virgin in her 30

Just listen to chrismccarthy.

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You should definitely consider having sex with prostitutes. I came from a sexually-repressive background like the one you describe, and it took a lot of practice with professionals before I was comfortable having sex with "normal" women (amateurs, I guess we might call them). It is very nice to be with someone who has been around the block and won't judge you too harshly if you ********* prematurely or don't immediately know how to induce female ******. If you're not afraid to ask questions, a pro will probably even teach you a thing or two, and then you will be able to please a nice, normal woman if you meet one. Most importantly, the whole thing will be demystified, and you will know that sex is both more wonderful and less scary than you probably imagine right now.<br />
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Just a suggestion. Sexual repression is hell, so I really feel for you. Virginity, to me, seems like it would be worse than a death sentence.

you make it sound like a choice,plenty of men can't get it no matter how hard they try,believe me I am one of them,and getting it from a prostitute is highly illegal and can land you in prison and on the sexual offences register.

I feel your pain, I'm also a virgin, but I am half your age so I guess I only feel half the pain. You will definitely meet someone. The key is to try to make new friends. That's what I am trying to do, it has helped a little. I am very shy, but when you make good friends that you can hang out with, they will help you out.

Nice to know I'm not alone!