I Don't Get It. I'm Relatively Cute, I Guess.

 Man, I am 15. It sounds dumb, but all but three of my friends have lost their virginity. But two of them don't count because the one girl is saving herself and the other is into 30 year olds, idk. Honestly, the situation hasn't come up. To tell you the truth, it really wouldnt bother me as much if it didnt hurt my self-esteem. I don't think I'm pretty enough for some guy to want to have sex with me. I'm not skinny  enough. I'm not cute enough. Talented enough. I dunno, I just...want a penis to penetrate my vagina. Like NOW.



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slow down, I just want to tell you I have never done it and nor do I plan to do it for a very long time. But you need to understand losing it is not sexy from all the people i have heard its like stubbing your toe. It is akward and you need to do it with someone who will comfort you and make you feel special, not some horny guy. find someone who is able to make you feel like having it is like seeing a star for the first time.

*lol* nice story anyway

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Uh... Ok, well, first accept you are horny, EVERYONE is at that age, consider whether you really want that. Trust me, guys at that age will go after ANYTHING, so its just a matter of 'putting your self out there' so to say, but trust me, its way better to preserve it. <br />
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What sounds prettier to your dream guy "I've slept with 6 guys' or "I have never given myself to ravenous boys"

well you definitely need self esteem.... i lost my virginity when i was 18 and i thought the same way as u.. years later i regret doing it... you could end up having an STD or end up pregnant just by having sex for the first time.. it's not all the rant and rave ppl say it is.. yes it's fun but not worth it.. specially for you .......think about it first before you react