I Dont Know What to Do Anymore

" I haven' lost my virginity" I am 19 now and still have not lost my virginity, besides oral sex and vaginal sex i have done evereything else. I talk to many girls and hang out with many girls but for some reason have not yet been able find the girl that is willing to have sex with me. I definately think of myself as an attractive man and have all the confidence in the world. I have hooked up with many girls at party's and social events but it never seems to go farther than that.

I feel that me being a virgin is really starting to drive me crazy and not make me feel normal especially when so many people around me are having sex like its nothing. IF anyone can just give me some advice it would help greatly.


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2 Responses Mar 6, 2009

19 isn't so old. I'm 25 and still a virgin. What you have to decide is if you had sex at your next opportunity would it be because you liked the person and wanted to share something special with them or would it be because you think that it's time to lose your virginity. If you simply think that it's time you would be doing yourself and the person you slept with an injustice. Be patient and know that you will have sex someday if you want to. Losing your virginity doesn't have to be such a big deal. There's no magic age at which you should no longer be a virgin. Wait for a person whom you care for, or know you would like to have sex with. Make sure that person hasn't pressured you into losing your virginity. If they are a good person they will wait for you to be ready. Don't push it, don't be pressured, don't rush.

I'm 20 & not virgin anymore, I used to be virgin since last month > < ~ the thing is what is the cause ?<BR>Why you are still virgin ? In my case, I was taught to believe & behave like that until the day I met my love > < ~ msg me if you need advices ;)