Is There Anybody Else Out There...?

 My name is bicycle. I am a virgin. Not a high school student, or even a college student. I am 26, reasonably popular and outgoing and I have had a relationship with a girl before.

And yet... I‘ve just been too slow. During college years I was a geek, and what is more a geek who followed religious principles and generally mixed with other religious people. Then I lived at home with my parents for a few years to save money... and now I‘m at the age where most people are ready to settle down and get married, and I still haven‘t had sex or even come close.

Now it‘s really difficult to change... I started actively going out to meet girls 6 months ago, and I‘m having more success than I thought, but I just don‘t know how to introduce the subject of sex, let alone how to get over my nervousness at the thought of what to do after a girl says yes...

I‘m not really looking for practical advice, I think. I just want to know that there are other people out there who have had or are having a similar experience.

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7 Responses Mar 15, 2009

you think you've got it bad try beening in the position but as a women !!

I'm with you. <br />
<br />
I've dated very little, the last boyfriend I had was in 2005 and it didn't end well. Then most of my friends were still single, now my little sister and best friend are both moms, my other best friend is on the verge of becoming engaged, and I'm still single and without serious prospects. <br />
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I am overweight so I'm sure that has an affect on why I'm not dating but one of my friends who's the same size as me dates all the time. So I've begun to wonder, do I put off a stay away vibe. I've not had the best experiences with men. Most guys have simply tried to get me to bed. I've also been taken advantage of in other ways before so trusting men is really hard. <br />
<br />
Now I'm 25 single, dateless, and watching all my friends, and family find love. It's very frustrating and I sometimes feel as if I'm going to be in my 40's before I find someone to love with half my life lived alone.

Dude set aside about $500.00 to $1000.00US and get yourself a really high class escort. Look around the net. Seek and you shall find. Get laid already!!

after getting to 29 and never been in a relationship or even bee on a dade or ever having female friends for that matter it doesn't much matter anymore. but no I would not just go get a hooker one cause I wouldn't have the guts plus my luck i'd end up picking up a cop. and tring an escort service, I don't know if I would want to go that way either, cause I would spend all that money and probably still not go through with it

If its your first time shouldnt it be something special, I mean, I'm still a virgin, and I would by know means get a hooker to take my virginity, no matter how desperate I am too loose it, call me old fashioned but sex should be a special thing with the person you love

bicycle, loneranger...<br />
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Seriously, there's no harm in just getting it out of the way. I've been recommending Craigslist with a straight-forward go-for-broke approach, but you can go the way of an escort, too. It's better to pay a lot of money at once and get guaranteed sex (and some guidance from someone who knows it'll be your first time) than play the odds with the dating scene and hope you have the confidence to go the distance.<br />
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Think about it this way. Maybe people in their mid to late 20s have had sex with a number of partners, have had a number of relationships, have cheated, been cheated on, performed other sexual acts, etc. etc. And if you have sex 100 times, there's a decent chance a third or a fourth of those times will be lousy sex.<br />
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So, what difference does it make if it's the first time? It'll be memorable anyway, since it'll be your first. It should more than anything be an experience from which to learn.<br />
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I'm still swearing by the Craigslist thing. You can remain anonymous, interview the replies a bit, and establish the understanding that you're a virgin. If the girl is still on board, then you can relax a little and move to the next phase.

I ca't say that has never crossed my mind but don't have the guts to go through with it plus with my luck I woul end up picking up a cop or something stupid like that.

it's rough. how do you, expecially at this age explain to someone that you have no experience at sex. or even if you don't they are most likely to figure it out

yeah I have had similar experience. I am 29 and have not lost my virginity. I've watched friends and others my age go off and get married and start a family. I'm not a very social or outgoing person so meeting women is damn near imposable for me