I Remained A Virgin Through 4 Years Of College In The 70's

My parents never told me anything about sex.  I mean never. While I was very familiar with female anatomy, having played doctor with at least 5 girls in my neighborhood (and my cousin) and even getting erections while doing it, I had no knowledge even of how to **********.
In high school, I had girlfriends, but did not let anything develop because I did not know what to do, was too embarrassed to ask anyone, and was scared I would be seen as ignorant.  In college, I finally learned how to ********** and what sex involved.  As a virgin, however, I remained scared of being seen as inexperienced and so did not pursue opportunities presented to me to have sex. While a senior, I had a girl friend with whom I did “everything but;” she was Catholic and wanted to wait until marriage.  Finally, in my first year in grad school, I lost my cherry.  I came almost immediately upon penetrating her, but explained it as because it had been “so long.” She had no idea quite how long it had been, but she was sweet about it.  

TBurke99 TBurke99
51-55, M
Feb 11, 2010