I Cant Stop Crying

my dad just walked out leaving no trace 7 years ago and i havent seen him sense it makes me have breakdonws for no reason i bottle up the emotions from my  friends and family but he finally contacts me and says can i see u friday  and its tomorrow what do i do  i wanna hurt anyone who talks to me when i have break downs but im gonna  see him               for no apparent reason im gonna tell u a sad love story i find on youtube a happy couple of three years didnt have a boy in the relashenship u would never her him say i love u just handed her stupid dolls she finnaly got fed up and broke up with him he calls says lets meet at the train stop she says yes and the saddest thing happend he handed her a big doll and she yelled took the doll out of hois hands threw it in the streeet he went to pick it up when a semi was going by and BOOM it hit him she just layed there and cried she took the doll ran home crying she hugged a little doll tightly and out came the voice she wanted to hear it said i love u and she grabbed the big doll from under her bed pressed its stomach and ot came  I NEVER TOLD U IM LOVED U CAUSE IM TOO SHY  IF U TAKE THIS ILL SAY I LOVE U she screamed at the top of her lungs an said why do i know this now she  cried and cried for hopurs locked herself in her room and BOOM broke her window took a peice of glass and cut hereself till she died
ilovelovejb ilovelovejb
May 10, 2012