I Like the Night.

I haven't slept in four days, and I think it's affecting my emotions. This morning I was happier than I've been in a long time, but around five P.M. I decided I was going on a walk. On said walk, my mood deteriorated, I went from happy, to really angry. Angry enough to get in a fight with some random guy. I knocked out two of his teeth, And he blacked my eyes and split my lip. Things didn't improve from there, As I was headed home, my mood went from being angrier than I've been in years, to suicidally depressed. I had to stop myself from forming plans on how to kill myself. then things were a blur for a few hours, and the sharpest memory from that point, was that I was sitting behind the Alco, crying for some reason I didn't know. I don't like sleeping at night, because it's too hot, but I can't sleep at night, because I have very bizarre dreams. I don't know... maybe I shouldn't have stopped that train of thought...

Sithos Sithos
1 Response Jul 6, 2009

You really need to sleep. Your mind does strange things when it doesn't get sleep. Get some sleep!