So I have this problem
I've grown up in a strongly catholic family. I never questioned my religion until a year ago when I got very interested in philosophy and stuff... Now I realize there is really no reason for me to believe.
So I'm an atheist now, and I've also realized I'm bisexual (yikes! My family is homophobic)
I'm forced to go to church every week and listen to this... Mythology and it's hard not to laugh at the gullible people around me but at the same time it's hard not to cry because they are so against me liking who I like.
They make me talk to my myself before every meal.
They make me splash holy water on myself every day
Oh and don't forget the holy oil
I don't know how to feel about my situation. If I come out about being bisexual my mom will think it's just society that's convinced me of this and if I come out as atheist, I might be disowned for heavens sake because my mom doesn't go an hour without mentioning her god.
What should I do?
marsbars30 marsbars30
16-17, F
Sep 1, 2014