It Would Just Hurt Her To Know

I still haven't came out and stated explicitly to my family members and parents that I am an atheist. My grandparents in particular wouldn't be able to accept it.. they'd be far too concerned over the fate of my 'soul' and I'd rather not break their hearts. I can understand why they'd worry, too, as they love me and probably cannot bare the thought of me burning for all eternity. But this tends to create problems for me, as I'm forced to basically lie and go along with it when ever they bring up religious discussion.

When it comes to my mother, I really just don't respond at all when God is mentioned. I've never told her that I am an atheist, but for as long as she's not in total denial, I assume I've dropped enough hints over time to seal the deal. For one, she's been aware of my best friend's atheism for about as long as I've been an atheist myself. I'm sure that she also has been able to pick up on a lot of other changes, too, such as the often-Satanic death/black metal that I was interested in for a while.

Regardless, she's yet to ask and I'm not about to discuss religion with someone so close to me either. It's an arguement that gets no where, 'cause we both have our feet firmly planted. This isn't the time or place for specific details, but truly, I've known for years now that I will never follow Christianity again.. and that's that. I won't lie if she asks.. still, I'm not about to bring it up.

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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

Aw, well hugs back atcha.. and I appreciate it. Much like an arguement concerning religion, you're very right - it's not a situation that gets resolved necessarily. For now, I'll just keep quiet around these family members of mine and hope that the topic comes up as little as possible.