I Dont Know What To Do

we met at work 4 yrs ago, i didnt trust he loved me enough. He decided to get married two yrs ago but gave me the choice of stopping it if i loved him but i didnt. We have been dating for 18 months now & i'm friends with his only teenage son. It kills me to be unable to wake up next to him everyday but i get to be with him at least i whole week every month. He takes good care of me & i have his picture on my bedside. I love him & cant imagine being with anyone else. This is killing me, he says he is getting a divorce. 
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Don't keep this relationship. He is not worth it. Find someone else and move on. Don't go with a long wait over it. Just move on and spend your life the way you want it.

Well if your married friend will not break up with his wife. Then get to know the teenage son better. If you can't have father ,whats wrong with having his son

And what if you were the one waking up to him but he was having an affair with someone else and telling her he loved her and that he was going to divorce you? Why don't you stop being selfish and think, really think about the pain the other woman (his wife) is going through? <br />
<br />
I am the wife of a husband who has had an affair with a or a few work colleagues. I was a pretty, outgoing blonde full of fun girl who now suffers from low self esteem and feels worthless. My husband is still with me and won't leave me (trust me, for my sanity, I have begged him to leave) and I can tell you now that this other woman was only a particle of dust in our lives but the impact on myself and consequently our children has been huge. We have two beautiful boys, 6 and 11, and they don't deserve this. I almost took my life because of the sheer emotional trauma of it all. My children had to see their mom in hospital looking awful with bandages on her wrist. I was not suicidal before all this happened. <br />
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I just want me back and I want to be able to trust and love my husband again but somehow feel that that will never happen again.

candice, i am so sorry for your pain and what youre going through. for the sake of full disclosure, i have to tell you i had an affair with a married man as well. i understand the selfishness and that it can have devastating effects on his family, as it has for you. like i said, im sorry for your pain. you posted this a few months ago, i hope things have gotten better for you. if you cant find it in your heart to forgive and move on with your marraige - and you may not be able to due to absolutely no fault of your own- i hope you find the courage and strength to leave and that you find happiness out there, and the true love that you deserve. i wish you peace and contentment with all of your decisions in life. good luck.

I feel so sorry for you.
And all the cases I know the married men do not stop being with the misstress.
They just hide it better after the wife finds out. They get extra phone that they don't bring in the house, other email accounts.
And pretend hey it is over you can read all my texts and have my passwords.
This is common.
And the affair continues.
The husband gets home early always but sees misstress during days.
Text to you loving stuff with misstress and answers your calls any time.

Please get out ladies and dont be fooled.
Most of the time your husband even calls the misstress it is over I love my wife call front of you or emsil her that with you.

But the misstress knows its for the show.
And been warned my him he ll need to do that.

90% of the all married man misstress cases the affair is not over when the wife thinks it is. It ll continue and if the misstress leaves he gets other one after a while.

Don't listen to him.He is probably leading you on.It doesn't mean anything at all.That is not love.He is telling you that he is divorcing.I don't think that will happen.Believe this.It's not happy or anything else.Move on and find someone else.This guy is not worth it.