I Want To Hear From A Mm That Has A Mistress.

I would love to chat or get any insight to what you MM deal with on a daily basis when you are living at home with your wife and seeing another woman on the side. Are there real feelings for the other woman at all? can you have an affair for 3 yrs and have no love for the other woman??
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i had year long affair and i really loved my mistress,and i really love my wife. my wife and i still have sex about 6 nights a week after 20 yrs and it is always good. my wife is better in bed than my mistress was but i still want more. i really wish i could have 2 wives but my wife would never go along with that plan and she is my best friend in the world so i will just have to live with one wife.

For me it was a need for emotional and sexual intimacy that was lacking in my marriage. And, yes, one can be lonely in a marriage. We met at work and it lasted about a year. KNow one found out even though we were together about 3-4 times per week. She was a lovely person, but she got transferred to another state. I would have gone with her but I had a young child that I didn't want to leave.

I got involved with a woman on the side a few years ago. My wife stopped wanting to have sex and was very distant and I was very lonely for some female companionship. I met a woman online who was fun and we had incredible chemistry. We had a very stormy relationship but ultimately remained great friends afterwards. We carried on for about 3 years. I genuinely loved her and to this day still do. She is incredible in so many ways and I just adore her. <br />
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I think it's difficult to be passionately in love with more than one person. I think as one's love for one person grows your love for the other fades because your attention is focussed on the one you feel stronger for at that time. So on a day to day basis, I know I was likely a bit distant with my wife and friendly enough but likely not 100% there with her. I would rather have been with my mistress.