Being The X Other Woman

He is such a Liar ! and a such a Coward ! His wife found out about our 2 year affair last week, he asked me to get a house for us so we would finally be together properly but now i've found out he's lied to me even more and hes going to sort it out with her without a word to me or even a sorry ! Am i the only person this has happened to ? How do i get over this ? Can someone please help me i'm losing my mind
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Tell me who this reminds you of:<br />
<br />
A bank teller works for a credit union. One day he goes out and meets up with a thief and they decide to rob the bank until they steal enough money so that they both can retire. They get away with robbing it over the previous 2 years but then the manager catches the teller. <br />
<br />
The teller then gives the manager the identity of the thief and promises to be trustworthy.<br />
<br />
The thief in frustration complains about the teller attempting to return to being an honest and trustworthy employee - calling him a liar and coward.<br />
<br />
Loosing your mind??? I think you not only lost it a long time ago but you also lost your value as a person.

This way this story reads is the whole issue for the OW. They are the scapegoat because it's the most convenient solution for the MM and his wife.

Your story should also read...
The teller then gets hailed a hero by the manager for 'doing the right thing'. He gets given all the money back as a reward. They feel so sorry for him, as he describes being almost forced to steal money from the bank. They don't believe that he was the one who approached the thief in the first place.
The thief gets sent to prison. They get blamed for taking the money, they get blamed for initiating the robbery. After all, they have a negative label, they must be bad.

When will the bank teller get given the negative label? Never.
It's not had an impact on the teller. He just gets normality back with a big pat on the back. His value as a person is not affected when really he should have been sacked and punished just like the thief has been. They are both thieves.

Yes, these men are cowards for scapegoating the OW. The OW should try to slowly build her feelings of self worth away from this horrible man, and so should his wife.

Similar experience. Losing your mind I get but at the end of the day do you want to be plan b? Mine went so far as to get divorced. Three days after it was final and two days before my birthday he slept with his Ex wife..for the kids of course. You will hear it a thousand times but honey you deserve so much more than to be a back up plan.

He lied to his wife the whole time he was with you and now your pissed? Hope you heal and have learned your lesson about lying unfaithful men!