He Did It To Her (again And Again..). Of Course He Can Do It To Me Too...!!!

In short, he is such a big fat liar in a relationship.

He pretended so well, our relationship went unnoticed for years. We work for the same organisation. And had been having the most beautiful romantic relationship you can imagine. We did almost everything any couples would do...very close to have it. But he refused at the last minute. I've been longing for his 'touch' since we first met. He treated me extremely well. Far better than how I am treated by my husband. Yeah... I'm a good liar too. But just can't help it. He is just so soft, gentle and very romantic - a dream guy to every women.

Nevertheless, I've been thinking lately, this romantic affair might make me suffer the most. If he lied to her, of course, sooner or later he will lie to me too.
IdaLuv IdaLuv
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Usually you end up losing them both and just being a cheap thrill for him. Are you better than this??

Doesn't this cut both ways? You mention that he treats you better than your husband does... Isn't he being lied to? </p><p>I am not judging you. I was a married man when this woman, Linda, came on to me at a business conference. I left my wife for Linda and we have now been together for thirty years -- and I have never even looked at another woman since. But I did lie once, to my first wife. The moral of the story? That there is no moral, take each situation as it comes, on its own merits.</p>