Please Be Honest

Hello my name is Katta, I'm 17 and I have done something kinda baad... I have a really nice boyfriend but I feel he kinda cares more about his friends than me. Anyway, we had an argument and I went to make it up to him on Saturday.. When I arrived he had gone to a football game with his mates and would be back around 10ish... So I decided to stay because I'm friends with his older brother and sister. His sister wasn't there but his 19 year old brother was watching Lord of the Rings so I decided to stay and watch with him.. We were having a laugh until this massive spider came on screen and I am sooo scared of spiders... He wrapped a blanket round me and told me to shush cuz they have neighbors. Then I got a text from my boyfriend saying he'll be later than he thought and something stupid and cheeky about waiting up. I got seriously upset and when I get upset I play with my hair. Next thing I know his brother (his name is Ollie) , is leaning over me whispering whats wrong, I start crying because he's blown me off for a football game and then Ollie starts kissing my neck.. And suddenly we are kissing and ... I was stupid and upset yet I don't regret sleeping with him.. Does that make me a bad person ?? Please tell me HONESTLY what you think.
HollyWoodBunny HollyWoodBunny
18-21, F
May 13, 2012