Managing Life

Where do I begin...I suffer from cycloymia disorder 'or' it's apart of me and not separate from me. After diagnosis I was bewildered, got given leaflets about it, put on mood stabilisers and told a watchful eye would be made upon me. During this time I was finishing my degree, worked part time and absolutely exhausted. I could go from writing the best essays in my year to sleeping for 2 days, appreciating the smallest things in life to dreading the birds chirping in the morning to getting up. The meds initially zombi-fied me until a balance was found, if thats how it is called. It was always extremes I entailed, energetic, happy, take on the world, to the dreaded lows of despair, pain, hopelessness and no direction in life. I've nearly undertaken every job role possible and the same outcome happens, I can't manage, end up being on the sick and/or leaving. I get bored easily, unreliable, or my low kicks in. I've read just about every article known about this chronic condition and disabling to say the least and when I view some articles as advocating 'mild' well walk in my shoes 100 yards and come back to me. Right now (maybe never) I cannot pursue my career goal, which is sad, but my child makes up for this. The main advice I would give is 'try as best to be in some form of routine' and build from there. My future is unknown, but whose is, yeah I might not be able to do regular steady endeavours as others, but I appreciate life and how well I have conquered so far - 'Life consists of not holding good cards, but in playing those cards you hold well'. Get a good GP who you can be honest with, presently I would say Employers don't understand this condition and need mental health advisers, same as the benefit system, and finally even a small network be it a friend or family member to offload helps!
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Jan 16, 2013