Bouncing Boobs

I love when my wife goes braless in public, she is a 34D and her nipples get really hard when they rub against her top. Sometimes she wears a button blouse that is just thn enough that her nipples and aroeles show thru a little and she leaves it unbuttoned enough that her cleavage shows. I love to see the looks on guys faces when they watch her walk and her boobs bouncing around and a couple of weeks ago I got to overhear a couple of guys talking about her.  She had been in a shoe store looking at some shoes and one of the guys happened to be in there too and was telling his friend that everytime my wife bent over to pick out some shoe he was able to see all the way down her blouse. He was describing to his friend how full her boobs were and what her nipples and areoles looked like so I know he got a really good look at them. I didn't say anything to her about it hoping it will happen again. I am also going to try and talk her into going without panties to the mall sometime too.
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You are a good lucky hubby ! Appreciate your view for appreciating your sexy wife.

Got a question and maybe u can help. My husband has asked me to go braless, im 42D natural boobs. I have tried off and on but i feel trashy. We have kids and i dont feel a wife and mom shuld go braless, but i want too so bad just scared. Do you or your wife have any advice.

I love it when wife drivies topless.. No one looks,,too much hurry.. I love it..and she gets horny..

I am not married so no wife. But I really like my mom going around braless. It is fun to see in the buses standing men rub themselves against my mom's breasts in a bus packed with passengers

That is so sexy! Especially if she was full of milk, and leaking a little. I love watching a womans breasts bounce up and down in a tight, white t shirt. I cant help but admire a nice set of *******! Do you mind sharing any pics of your wife with me? If not, email me at insp1_sla<x> please!<br />

A man after my own heart.<br />
My wife does the same for me.<br />
The other thing we do is go into a store and she tries on several tops and dresses without a bra.<br />
When she asks me what I think, from behind the curtain, I deliberately leave it open - just enough - so that other male partners can catch a good look her stripping off and changing.<br />
On a couple of occasions in France, she hasn't even bothered to wear knickers,with a guy just a few feet away from her.<br />
We never say anything about it...but she knows!<br />
Partly because I have a huge hard-on when wearing shorts!<br />