Not A Wife, But Braless Anyway!

I do enjoy the reactions I get from guys when I go braless, I'm usually wearing stiletto heelsand a mini-skirt when I'm out anyway, a nice, thin button-front blouse works wonders with my firm 36C's. I love every minute of it!
nicart24 nicart24
8 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Bet it's not only you enjoying it - hope you'll add me

You Rock. I love to see a hot lady braless in a nice sexxy outfit. Add me as a friend. Thankz

I am sure that you make plenty of heads turn and stand to attention by doing this...

would be great to see them. Please add me and send me pics if thats ok? My name is: Joe. .

Bet you look sooo hot in that outfit.

Dammit, guys....she's ONTO us...and milking that advantage for all it's worth! Oh whoops...Freudian slip on my part, mentioning "milk" in the same sentence where boobs were being discussed. Have a great day. Glad you enjoy "torturing" us. LOL

A woman after my own heart. I love to see people looking and staring especially if I am wearing a white see thru top.

I'm so glad to hear that you enjoy what we men absolutely adore - you in heels, mini light blouse & braless. I hope I have the good fortune to see you like that one day.