Wife Braless In Public

Over the past few years, I have been able to get my wife comfortable with the idea of being braless in public. We usually do this when we are on vacation where no one knows us. Although she has never admitted it, my wife gets turned on by the attention she gets from the many guys that admire her beautiful ****. Nedless to say, it gets me rock hard watching. Last summer, we went to the beach, where she agreed not to take a bra on the trip.

One night we were going out to eat. She told me that this night was going to be a surprise as to what she would wear. She showered and changed clothes after the day on the beach. Since she had a light jacket on over her top, I had no idea what she was wearing. When we got to the restaurant it was very crowded so we had a couple of drinks at the bar waiting for our table. Finally the waitress came and walked us to our table. A few minutes later our waiter walked up and introduced himself. He took our drink orders and left to retreive them. While he was gone my wife said, "nice that we have a good looking waiter dont you think". I had almost forgotten about the surprise waiting under her jacket. She asked me "are you ready" of course I said "bring it on". She then removed her jacked and I instantly got hard when I saw her. (She is a beautiful readhead with 34B ****. She also has amazing nipples with silver dollar size aerolas.) Well when she removed the jacket, she was wearing a white silky blouse that was almost completely see through. I could not only see her hard nipples poking through the shirt, I could clearly see her entire ****, red nipples, aerolas and all. It left nothing to the imagination. A few minutes later the waiter returned to the table. His reaction was priceless. At first he didn't notice as he set my drink down. Then he turned to my wife to give her her drink and his eyes almost popped out of his head. It was so obvious that he didn't even try to act as though he wasn't admiring her ****. The whole time he was at the table his eyes never left them. I watched as he walked away and he almost walked into the wall. I told my wife "I think he likes what he sees".

Every few minutes he would come back to our table to check on us or should I say to check out my wifes ****. About half way through the meal, another waiter walked slowly by our table to look at my wife. Our waiter had obviously told him about his good fortune. When we finished our meal our waiter stayed at the table as long as he could making small talk, the whole time continuing to enjoy the view. When we finally got up to leave he practically followed us to the door watching her ******* bounce as she walked. At this point she was getting the attention of every man we passed. She never put the jacket back on the rest of the night as we walked around the small shops.

It was such a turn on knowing that every guy checking her out would have loved to grab her right there and suck her beautiful **** then **** her. I have got to tell you that I came very close to asking the waiter if he wanted to feel her ****. I wasn't sure how my wife would react so I chickened out. She told me later that she was so turned on by the experience that she would have let him.

We have another trip planned in a few months, hopefully we can take it a little further. (Just curious, what would you have done if you had been our waiter and were asked if you wanted to feel her ****?)
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Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing!!!

I would have asked if we could have gone elsewhere so I could feel and ***** MYSELF!

Love that story, you must have been surprised at how wet she was after dinner. :)

Wow. Terrific surprise from her. You must be really looking forward to your next vacation. Have fun.

Great story! I'd love to see her ****, just based upon your description & that waiter's endorsement (staring). How about posting a pic or two then adding us to your circle? Alternately we could trade a few via e-mail < lkin4fun2002@yahoo.com> if u prefer to not post. I love 34B's...that's what my wife is, perky nipples and all! Please get in touch with us.

Yeah Greg - your wife has some of the best perkies on EP! ;) Would be great to see her out in a sheer top like in this story... ;)

She definately surprised me that night. She seems to be getting more daring the more times we do this. I am looking forward to our upcoming trip. About a month ago we went out to a bar to listen to a band. She wore that same top. The bar was very crowded. Everytime she went to the ladies room she gave me an update when she got back to the table about the looks from the guys she passed. While she was in the hallway outside of the ladies room waiting, one guy asked her if he could go in with her. lol

this is so hot - wish 789 were still around to hear what else she has done...

Life is short and I admire the fact that you two are both enjoying the ride. Remember, as long as it is what you BOTH WANT, it is going to be a wonderful experience, just don't go to where is gets uncomfortable. Peace and enjoy.