She Hates To Wear A Bra!

The only time she ever wears one is when it is a social necessity like to work or to a formal affair. I love it that she so seldom wears one. And, I love her casualness about it. I think she likes the looks she gets when her nipples harden and show underneath her top. I find it so very sexy!
headstrongheart headstrongheart
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6 Responses Jul 19, 2010

She sounds very confident. I would wish that for every woman! --DW

Love to see her hard nips poking thru her top.

I love it too

I bought my wife some very sexy bras so she would look better. Of course, they were see-through.

sweet. Can i see her **** please? Please add me ok? thanks loads! lols! Joe . .

Bras are so restricting anyway. They have a time & place, though. Just not too often & not too many places! LOL

Oh yes I love seeing nipples through a shirt. My wifes left nipple is pierced and that shows as well.