Shy Wife Unknowly Falls Out

I like most love the idea of another man seeing my wifes ****,they are 36 c and very large nipples, she on the other hand is way too prude to even go braless in publi. this storie happend several years ago. After eating dinner usuallyshe will take a bath and get dressed for bed with a pair of sweats and a t-shirt(braless) One nite a friend of mine showed up, in the evening unannoced, and me and my wife were watching tv. after he was there for half hour or so the wife got up to use the rest room, when she did, i relized she had forgotten she was not wearing a bra and the shirt she had on,  was white and did not do much to hide her big nipples, so i told my friend  when she came back to sit down on the couch, start tickleing her (she hates it) . When she sat down he reached over and tickled her bare foot, she kicked like a mule and punched him, he jumped up and grabbed her feet togher and started tickleing again, she was kicking so hard she slid herself off the couch, so he drug her out into the middle of the living room to tickle more, as her did this her shirt kind of  rode up her back and she was kicking and twisting so much the shirt poped one of her boobs out, he instantly stopped as she puched herself away the shirt slid back down under her boobs again, and she never knew it, and he didnt say a thing!! When he was leaving we walked him out the driveway, i stood behind my wife and gtrabbed her hands and purposly pulled them behind her back, pushing her braless boobs out so the world could see!!!

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She knew what happened and played along. Good Show!

She knew what happened and played along. Good Show!

You allowed another man to molest your wife in front of you?

Yes, she knew her boob fell out and that her bare *** was indeed eyed. She surely did not forget she was not wearing a bra or that she was wearing a white shirt. This was just the event she wanted. She could remain to seem innocent and through the tickling allowed her shirt to lift. She didn't try to hold her shirt in place rather slid further down till she was exposed. Then she could pretend she was unaware. She loved it.