Wife's **** In The Summer

Well it has been a hot and steamy summer - in more than one way!
With all of this hot weather I had a very good summer for *** viewing with my wife. She was braless most of the summer!!!!!!!!!
She would mainly be braless at home but sometimes we would just run to the store and she wouldn't change.
Usually if someone stopped by she wouldn't have time to change so they would get an extra bonus for the visit - a look at my braless wife!!
She has perfect perky B sized **** on small tight little body (she is a small or extrasmall clothes size)! Her **** look so good on her. She has large suckable nipples too that are always sticking out. Perfect **** on a perfect body (shaved ***** too!!!!)
Most of the tops she wore this summer where tank tops with the lined bra area. While it gave a little extra coverage, you could still see the perfect shape of her **** and see her nipples ready to be sucked! I love to pass by her and see her nice **** without a bra on. There natural shape and curve kept me grabbing them all summer long.
She had one tank top that was white!!! Bonus! She asked me if you could see her **** to much in that one and I lied and said "No not really." It fact her nipples stood out the most in that one and it was a little tighter so you could see her hot **** even better. Plus a babe in a white tank top - could it be any hotter!
I would love watching her walk this summer!! I love the way **** bounce with no bra!! It gets me hard! Sometimes I would just stop what I was doing to watch her **** go bouncing by. Nothing better than working outside on hot summer day than to see a hot little braless babe walking by. Short little short shorts (*** cheeks peeking out), white tank top, no bra - gets a person hard doesn't it!!!
This is the most she has been braless that I can think of! I hope the trend continues once summer is over!
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7 Responses Aug 19, 2010

what great fun. You should post some photos of your hot wife wearing her various tops - and not wearing them!! ;)

and the Nipples!!!! Love nipples poking out of a nice tight top!!!! So hot looking!!! Darn bras cover up the nipples!

yeah that bounce will get us every time nothing much hoter than that ........bras were the worst thing every made ........

flyingnude - She has been going braless alot more!!! I think she likes it when I am constantly commenting on how nice her **** look and grabbing them!!! <br />
I bought her a really sheer t-shirt last night! I am hoping she will like it and wear it! I don't know if I can get her to go out in public or not with it though - I will sure try!! <br />
I also agree that women should go braless! I love the way **** bounce when not hindered! I love to watch my wifes bounce as she walks around! Gets me all hard!!

hope she just stops buying bras every woman should go braless all the time .............

ivo-13 - She liked all right!!! I nailed her smooth ***** hard thinking of that outfit she was wearing showing off! She had a ton of my *** dripping out of her smooth lips afterward!<br />
I hope that is what you would like to do to her!!!

ivo13 - I will give her a hug and more for you!