Braless Hike With Young Wife

Several years ago, my wife and I--just recently married--were on vacation in the Rocky Mountains, and planned a day hike where you park at a trailhead and then have 3 steep, strenuous miles up through the woods to a secluded mountain lake. It was June, but the sun wasn't quite up and the morning was cool when we parked and got ready to walk. We had on shorts and hiking boots, and kept our heavy sweatshirts on as we started up the trail. After maybe 45 minute the sun was starting to feel warm, and we paused to rest and take off our sweatshirts.

My eyes got a treat as she pulled her sweatshirt over her head: She had a very short red t-shirt on that left several inches of her flat stomach exposed, and she didn't have a bra on. That morning at the condo where we were staying, I hadn't noticed her get dressed, and she usually wears a bra. She is about 5'10", with small but shapely breasts and pronounced nipples--the points of which were now clearly evident through her t-shirt. Walking on up to the lake, I tried to follow her and keep her swaying t1tties in view. Despite the early hour we passed a few hikers headed the other way, and especially the guys were quick to say good morning and chat with us--well, with her. (-;

We were sweating hard when we arrived at the beautiful lake--high enough in the mountains that there were still snowdrifts around much of it. I took off my daypack, and in an instant her t-shirt was off, her beautiful tanned breasts gleaming in the sun. Her shorts didn't last long either. She found a nice moss-covered rock and rested naked. I needed to decide, should I go fishing in the lake, or go join her... guess which one I chose!
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Amen brother!

You know it! The t-shirt material was form fitting so the shapes of her breasts were in perfect view. She had another t-shirt, where she had ripped away the sleeves and material in front so that she was basically left with only thin strips of material as shoulder straps, and a plunging neckline. The curves of her boobs in view, just a little lean forward and her nipples would show. I am getting a hard on sitting here typing this. Glad you enjoyed my story!

The view from the front must have been amazing: slim, beautiful wife jiggling her boobs as she hikes the trail, stiff nipples poking out her tshirt....