Went Out Braless Last Night

My wife wore a red knit shirt without a bra last night when we went to happy hour at a local bar. I ask her why and she said she enjoyed the feel and freedom. Her 36dd's look very good and you could see her nipples poking out most of the night. She enjoyed showing off, I should have taken a pic. Now I need to get her in a thinner sheer blouse
bralover24 bralover24
7 Responses Apr 2, 2011

I love it when they have the guts to do that! Makes me horny and makes me think they are horny too :-)

Love it - especially that she does it herself. Wish my wife would do that more often, especially without me asking.

Sounds hot good luck with the thinner top.

Good for you i supporting her feeling confident and comfortable being a woman. Too many women worry about social views and stigmatisms that are placed by mainstream media... in truth no one really cares that damn much... i love seeing a woman braless and confident, so does my wife... the only ppl i know who find it wrong are those who are not confident in themselves in SO many ways, that physicality doesnt scratch the surface... Sexual freedom is one of the highest forms of personal freedom and confidence in this world, so again good for you...and good for you both!

keep up the good work

Excellent! She'll be just as comfy braless next time, maybe you can get a pic then!

Yes u should have (taken pix) & u need to do (get her a sheerer blouse).