Summertime Fun In The City

My ex and I used to go walking around her part of town during the summer months. She lived downtown Portland and literally lived about 100 feet from a major road. To spice up one of our walks I mentioned before we left her place she should take her bra off before we left. She easily said yes and asked me to remove my underwear so my **** would be on display underneath my basketball shorts. She was already wearing a tank top so her big brown breasts would easily be noticed. We spent the afternoon walking around and we both had a blast just noticing peoples reactions seeing her **** swaying and bouncing around freely. I didnt get nearly the reaction she got, but I understood completely. It was a complete turnon knowing other people were getting excited seeing them. After that experience it led to more walks like that but the first time was most memorable.
essdub essdub
31-35, M
Jan 11, 2013