First Time For Hubby

My husband really wanted me to go out without wearing a bra. I knew he liked for me to go braless and at home braless most of the time. I finally agreed I would go out with him, but out of town. He scheduled the rooms then and there for the next weekend. I went shopping and purchased several blouses to model for Jim before our trip. Jim picked out one that was a little see thru for me. He settled for a knit suit. Long knit pants and a very low cut knit top. The first button was about nipple hi. Yikes. It was yellow so in good light you could see the darkness of my nipples and their very prominent outline. There were three buttons in front.. I felt good on too.

We checked in our hotel, cleaned up and got dressed to go out. It was at least dark out and not well lighted. Jim got a cab and we went to a popular bar for a coctail. I had already been experimenting with the top and could move my shoulder in a way that would give a clear view of one of my nipples. We were seated and after the drinks came, I made sure Jim got a really good view of my nipple. He smiled, but said nothing. I would occaisionally change my posture to show him the other nipple. I had been practising and I had gotten quite good. When the waiter brought our bill, I made sure he got a good look my now very erect nipple. I was very nervous, but excited at the same time. Jim smiled and blew me a kiss. I liked the feeling.

I go braless ot of town all the time now. I have worn see thru for him a couple of times. The night always ends up wonderfully. ;)
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Sounds like a good time was had by all.

Lucky man!!

You are a good woman. You know that drives your hubby crazy. I like you


Great story--please add me.

Good girl!! thanks for posting, and there is hope for my wife yet!

You're just great!
Thanks for sharing!

Very hot! He's a lucky man and you're a great lady

so hot

Good stuff. The best nipple is the "accidental" nipple.

I do enjoy it, a lot as it turns out. I look forward to the opportunity to wear thin blouses, tight pants and no bra. It makes me feel empowered. The service is excellent everywhere we go. It turns us both on. Perfect and fun!!

Keep up the good work! It's so much fun isn't it?