Been ******* For A Long Time Now

I have been ******* since the before the free love movement in the seventies.  talk about going braless, they was burning their bras back then. Who doesn't love seeing a womens **** hang and flow free.  I am one big braless *** man to be sure.  However, I keep my wife in the best bras. At 52, her **** are so full and firm, its unbelieveable. And its because she always wears a bra.  Since we have only been together 8 years, I am so very happy she did this. Because now I have one great set of **** to play with and squeeze to my hearts content.  At the same time, I love **** that hang too. Slap me in the face with them while you ride my **** baby. Oh that is so good.

polycplseeking polycplseeking
41-45, M
Mar 8, 2010