Perona And The Human Baby

Deep down in the forests in south Trinidad, there lived a fox queen named Perona. She had a huge mansion in the middle of the forest. She was very fond of the other animals and humans that came to bask in the beauty of the dense forest and bathe and play in its rivers.
Despite her love for other creatures with a respect for nature, Perona was at times very mean. This was because some other people would come into the forest and cut down its trees and pollute its rivers, therefore tarnishing the forest. As a matter of fact, other people and animals thought that she was a very harmful fox queen; some others thought that she was an evil witch intent on casting a spell on anyone who would venture into the forest. Perhaps, they never knew.
One day, as Perona was walking through the forest, she saw some men getting ready to cut down some trees. Her heart began to race as she grew angry at the sight of those men. One of them was about to swing his axe to cut one of the trees down, when Perona caught the axe. The man turned around and stared her straight in the eye. He had a frightened look on his face. "You know, what you're doing here is not right, sir," Perona said to the man in a low tone, "This is my home."
At once, the man pleaded, "Please, please, don't hurt me. Give me a chance. I'll never cut down any of your trees again." Perona had held him by the collar, but when she saw the pleading look in his eyes,she finally let him go. She watched as he and his other comrades ran away quickly out of the forest.
A short distance away, Perona heard a crackling sound behind her. It sounded somewhat like a fire. She sighed and ran towards the raging fire. Birds were chirping loudly in distress and they were fluttering about restlessly. Perona saw the commotion and all at once, she used her superpowers to extinguish the fire. At last the fire was out and the birds came to rest once more.
Not too far away, Perona could hear the sound of a crying baby coming from behind the trees. She crept up and saw a human baby lying among the rubble. As Perona looked at the baby girl, her heart sank deep within as she bent down to pick her up. The baby kept crying and Perona cooed and whispered softly, "Don't be afraid, I will not harm you."
The baby girl finally stopped crying and looked into Perona's eyes. Perona cradled her in her arms and could see how beautiful she looked. She couldn't understand why anyone could be so cruel to leave a helpless child to die in the rubble.
Without any further ado, Perona carried the baby home with her. From then onwards, she took really good care of her.
Days and weeks and months drew by. Perona continued to give the baby all the care and affection that she needed. She fed her, clothed her and played with her. And of course, the baby was getting used to her new home.
One day, while Perona was sitting in the front porch of her mansion, feeding her baby, a well-dressed bear man came along a pathway, riding a bicycle. He was a pastor and he was a good friend of Perona.
The bear pastor whose name was Dr. Patrick, walked up the stairs to the porch."Good day, Perona," he chirped as he shook Perona's paw.
"Good day, Dr. Patrick," Perona smiled, "how are you today?"
"Good, thanks," replied Dr. Patrick, "I've heard you've done a great job in rescuing this baby from dying alone in the rubble."
"Oh yes," said Perona, "You've been well informed. Whosoever left her to die in the rubble in the forest, was very cruel."
"Yes, I agree." Dr. Patrick said, "I'm glad that now she is safe in your hands."
"Yes, she is," Perona commented, "She has grown used to her new surroundings now."
Dr. Patrick smiled, and he laid his hands on Perona and the baby and gave them his blessing. When he was finished, he said, "I shall name the baby Angelica, because she is indeed an angel."
"Yes, I love that name." Perona replied, "Yes, the baby will be named Angelica."
After a little chat, Dr. Patrick got up to leave. He and Perona shook paws and soon he went downstairs. got on his bike and rode away. From that day, the baby was known as Angelica.
A few years drew by and by now, Angelica was five years old. One day, a small group of villagers came to Perona's mansion in search of Angelica, the girl who had been left in the rubble some years ago.
Perona came out and looked at them; Angelica was at her side. A woman, who was standing in front of the crowd, called out, "That girl is my daughter!"
Perona said, "No! She is my daughter and you better remember that."
But the woman didn't want to take no for an answer. She insisted, "She can't be your baby! I've been searching all over for a long time and I want to have her back now. I am her mother."
Angelica shook with fright as she held on tightly to Perona's leg. Perona spoke up, "Oh no! You can never be her mother! Where were you when you left her to die in the forest? Where were you when she needed you? Of course, you were never there for her! You left her here an you ran away!"
For a moment, murmurs could be heard within the crowd. From the look of things, Perona was afraid that she might have to lose Angelica. She looked at the girl sadly and spoke, "I'm sorry, my love, but this woman says that she is your mother and that you must go with her. I will miss you so much."
But Angelica begged, "Please, don't let me go with these people. I am very much afraid of them. And that woman there is not even my mother. You are the only mother that I know. You're everything to me. Please, let me stay with you."
Perona sighed, but she said, "Very well, then." She looked at the crowd and said, "You are free to leave now. This girl stays with me." The crowd turned and went away with sadness in their faces. Angelica turned and gave Perona a hug. "I love you!" she said. Indeed, she was happy to continue living with her fox mother.
The years dragged by and Angelica and Perona grew very close to each other. With her superpowers, Perona was able to clothe, feed and educate Angelica. They went out for long walks in the forest and spent a great deal of time with each other.
Soon, Angelica grew into a pretty young woman. One day, a young hunter got lost in the forest and he couldn't find his way out. He was tired and he came to the mansion. Perona welcomed him and invited him to stay a while. The hunter had originally intended to ask for directions to go out of the forest, but as soon as he laid his eyes upon Angelica, he fell in love with her at once. Angelica fell in love with him as well.
He said to Perona, "I would be the happiest man in the world, if you can let me marry your beautiful daughter."
Perona saw the look in his eyes and she knew he knew what he was saying. because he didn't want to be lonely anymore. So she consented.
Angelica and the hunter were married near a lake in the forest. It was a huge wedding. All the animals and people were there for the ceremony. The pastor bear Dr. Patrick officiated the wedding.
Perona didn't want Angelica and her new husband to live too far away from her, so she made a house for them next to her mansion. And they all lived together in the true beauty of the dense forest all the days of their lives.
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