Yes...He Is

From the moment I saw him, I adored him. From the moment he touched me, my soul opened to receive him. He loves me and I love him. The way we look into each others eyes...the way we kiss...the way he holds me after we make love. He tells me my skin is so smooth and soft he can't stop touching it. He tells me not a day goes by that doesn't't think of me...desire me.

He is beautiful....he is shy and yet can talk to anyone. He has a rough exterior yet is the most tender and loving man I have ever met. He is gentle yet direct. He is confident yet unsure. He is masculine yet has a sensitive side.

From head to toe his body is gorgeous, I love touching every inch of it. He is the sweetest taboo!!

I adore him. He is beautiful....and we are falling in love with each other.

His nickname for me is......"paint shaker" ;-)

12-06-08  This morning my lover told me..."I was one of the most sensual, passionate, erotic lover he has ever been with" That is by far the best compliment of my life!

01-04-09 Each time my lover and I are together he lets me see a little more of his beautiful soul. He is so passionate and wants to please me. And he does. I am so lucky.

01-10-09 My lover has the keys to my heart.

01-20-09 After tonite, I truly know how he feels about me. He adores me.I couldn't't be happier. I feel the same.

02-04-09 We had a disagreement last week. We spent a few days apart....thinking. We have resolved the issue. Our relationship has grown from it and are closer for it. We both now know how we really feel about each other. We truly adore each other.! Yippeeee!!!!

02-09-09 I purchased 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets for my lover. He was apprehensive about them at first, but he tells me now "The sheets are wonderful!!!" We do love sleeping on them.....Purrr!!!!

02-17-09 I can't help it. I truly love him. He has the keys to my heart. It feels good to feel that way again. I thought I never, ever would again.

2-27-09 He is the sweetest ever! He adores me.

03-05-09 With the death of my oldest friends mother recently, he comforted me with love.'s official....I'm in love!

04-05-09 He is away for four days. I figured something out....I am not good when he is not around. I never dreamed I would ever feel this way. I've never felt like this before with anyone. I got it bad!!!! I'm in love....that's for sure!!

05-03-09 He is away once again. I miss him dearly. He is my" baby", my "lover" and I adore him.

05-04-09 He is back! And missing me!

05-11-09 Smiling....sometimes he gets so grumpy....but I truly know how to talk to him. I can calm the beast in him as he calms mine. We truly know how to speak to each other. Despite everything we have gone thru it doesn't't diminish our affection for each other. We adore each other.

06-15-09  I truly love him

03-14-10 Wow, been such a long time since I've visited my journal here. Yes, we are still together, going strong. With peaks and valleys along the way but never the less still very much desire each other. So many changes in what is almost a year since I've written. Just yesterday we opened our hearts to each other letting each other know how we truly feel about one another. It was so tender, so loving. One of the single most surreal moments of my life. By far the best relationship of my entire life. He is the most wonderful, passionate, erotic, brilliant men I have ever met. I'd like him to be in my life always.

04-04-10 Our time together yesterday was so beautiful, so tender, so loving.  I've waited a long time for him to come into my life but it was so worth the wait! I love him

04-11-10 In the last 3 mths both my lover and I have been affected by the stress and anxiety from our employer to the point of physical and mental breakdown. First I was there for him, standing right by his side helping get the very difficult time and now he is there for me. Right by my side. Never in my life have I ever experienced such a loving,caring and supporting relationship. This by far is the greatest love of my life!!! From the bottom of my soul I truly love him....and always will 
06-14-10 My baby took the afternoon off and we spent in bed!!! Making love....erotic sex...then we held each other for what seemed to be forever. We found that perfect position in each others arms.....and enjoyed it!! Gawd, I just love him!!! And I know he loves me too ; )

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It is so wonderful to be able to share such intimacy with the one you love. And, to be able to be there for them, as well as them for you. It feels a person with so much love, that at times you think you may burst. What an awesome feeling. You are truly a remarkable pair. May your life together be a life long and prosperous one. :~)

that's nice :) wish i can find 1 like dat :D

I'm so happy for you!

Thanks everyone!

very very beautiful story... i can feel that desire :)


In love?...maybe. I know I care for him a great deal...I know I adore him....I know I love being around him...I know I respect him...I know he makes my heart beat faster when I get near him.....I know we become sexually aroused when we get near each other...and I smile all the time...for no reason. Is that love? Maybe.

Ah, you could be speaking of my mikal...<br />
*longing sigh*<br />
It is beautiful, to be in love.

Then you have a great man. I know I adore mine and he adores me. Each time I am with him, it just gets better and better.

you are speaking to me<br />
he sounds like my husband