my husband my son (5 months at the time) moved in with my best friend and her family.. Things went great until I got pregnet with our daughter. My husband lost his job and I started to work full time. My friends husband worked 3rd shift so he slept most of the day. My friend also has a child, her and my husband would hang out and take care of the kids. I didn't think any thing at first then my feelings changed. They were just to close for my comfort but when I said something about it i was crazy and they got mad. I thought maybe they were right and i was crazy so I let it go. I had my baby and even let her be in the room with me as I was giving birth. She told me a few weeks later that she loved him and they had kissed! I believe more happened. He still to this day is talking to her I find texts in his phone from her telling him how he makes her life better.( she no longer lives here, we do tho) When I ask him about them he calls her cazy and tells me he loves me and wants to be with me....I am just so upset cus I love him and I want to make us work.
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Well if he says he loves you just stick it out with him. If she text him just ignore it. It's better not to look at his cell phone otherwise it will just get you mad.